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ACCO Brands Corporation is an American manufacturer of office products. It was created by the merger of ACCO World from Fortune Brands with General Binding Corporation (GBC).

A current IT Analyst shared this infuriated review "With the new leader at I.T. has divided in to 2 groups old ACCO and Tetley employees who came with the new CIO. This creates a toxic environment to work in. Teams fight for recognition.Work/roles/positions are created for Tetley employees so they can come to ACCO. Fake projects are created for Tetley vendors so they can come and work at ACCO. ACCO employees have no voice they are left alone and getting laid off periodically/slowly . No work is given to ACCO employees. No oversight for Tetley employees, No governance processes they create fake projects to get in people. All employees are slowly being made reported to Tetley employees and eventually to be laid off Tetley people are being places in all teams as managers who has no experience they are abusing old ACCO employees. Frustration among all ACCO old employees . many complains on Tetley to but H.R. is of no use. ACCO leadership needs to spend time to resolve issues with in IT."


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Lead (Current Employee) says

"Poor leadership and supervisors and management do not perform jobs as they should. Favoritism is amongst each shift, and many are not made to do jobs and others are not given help when machines have faults"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"I was told it would be 1st shift hours and there would be occasional overtime. From May until I quit, they were working us 7 days a week 10 hour shifts. These people do not care about the quality of life for their employees. Cons: They will work you to death for months and then you’ll barely get any hours."

Pricing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"No support managers they just gossip don't work"

IT Analyst III (Current Employee) says

"With the new leader at I.T. has divided in to 2 groups old ACCO and Tetley employees who came with the new CIO. This creates a toxic environment to work in IT."

Order Picker (Former Employee) says

"This job does not care anything about you do not let the description fool you they work you like a slave and do not care anything about you or your outside work outside of life they will talk about you behind your back and make up lies to get you fired and they have their favorites just like every other job the leads here talk so nasty and the supervisors talk about each other and all the employees but if you say something you get snitched on I would never in my life recommend anyone to work here I would rather work at mcdonalds the only reason I stayed here was because it was a steady Monday through Friday job which nine times out of 10 turned into Saturday and 60 hours a week you're so tired from getting off work you don't have any time to do anything with your family. So glad that I finally got away. 6/13/20 BEST DAY EVER! Cons: Very poor management."

Stocker/Lift Operator (Former Employee) says

"It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. I worked here for about 2 years. I’m not sure if much has changed since 2010 but this place was full of unnecessary drama among employees and managers. I DO NOT recommend applying here. Cons: Drama!!!"

SD Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Worked on SAP build project Cons: Stressful, Harassment very common"

Marketing (Current Employee) says

"The executives need to stop protecting managers who don't understand their jobs and can't manage their associates. Cons: tuition assistant unavailable"

Customer Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This company is known for its paper products or office supplies. Management is kind of a revolving door so it keeps employees stressed out because we never know who is leaving from week to week. The job in my particular department was stressful because we were patient support which means that we were called out of our name and verbally abused hourly and we had to deal with it. Cons: Management changed often and w/o warning, had to endure verbal abuse from customers"

DC Associate I (Former Employee) says

"The management at this place strives to divide its employees by encouraging them to turn on each other. They are big on favoritism and anyone that voices an opinion that is against them, they coerce fellow employees to concoct stories and statements to get them fired. They treat their employees poorly by changing up rules to suit them, by not informing employees of overtime in a timely manner. Stay away, this job is one of the worst out there."

DC (Former Employee) says

"Working here is like having a summer job. U don’t get 40 hrs a week most weeks and if ur a temp u will get used up n dismissed easily, no matter if ur a good worker or not. They won’t hire u in but promise to. Favoritism shown so if ur a minority I strongly wouldn’t advise employment here! It’s like 90/10 here so that says it all! Ur worked pretty hard. They stand over u n watch n push u. This is not a long term job for anyone. Trust me!"

Accounts Receivable Services - Agent (Former Employee) says

"I worked in finance at ACCO for over 3 years. My team and I completely redesigned collection strategies and outperformed ourselves year after year. We are the ONLY team within ACCO to EVER do that. Did management care? NO. They transferred all of our jobs to New York and have them to people who had little to no experience. They did this for no reason other than two managers didn’t like each other. Therefore, we had to suffer."

Bindery operator b (Current Employee) says

"It seems that the calendar industry is going out. Doesn't seem it will get better. I'm ready for a job and challenge where my time and ideas are heard. And like someone wants to hear them."

Maintenance Electrician (Current Employee) says

"I was retaliated against by a supervisor one of the HR reps told me to keep quiet about it. The plant manager has his favorites and if you don't make the cut he will use you as a scape goat at the first sign of trouble. This place has become a very difficult place to work. They will make you work on holidays often and will only pay you a portion of what they owe you. Example; if you work a 12 hour shift on a holiday they will only pay you for 8 hours of the holiday. If you take your own personal day they will make you use a full 12 hours of your vacation so you run out faster. They do not give promotions to their employees that have been at Acco for longer and in most cases they hire outside the company even if the person has less experience. They then make the experience employee train the person who took the position they deserved. I personally had a supervisor back me up to a machine to intimidate me and the plant manager said it was my fault and defended the supervisor. This place is a not a place you want to work at long term."

Packer (Former Employee) says

"As long as u suck up u can get hired in. Even if u use drugs miss a day every week late coming in leave early dont matter or stay on ur phone on the line and go to bathroom 20 times in 12 hrs. But if u a hard worker never miss in 9 months and not on drugs and do whatever is asked of u they let u go. Cons: Short breaks. Longer now that im fired."

Manager, Sales (Former Employee) says

"Was a great company with good work life balance, job security and advancement and management before Mead sold"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"This company is poorly ran by upper management. As a result when not meeting financial expectations they Wipe out employees. So large lay-off of employees to compensate for poor financial performances to get them back on track. This is such bad business practice to let talented hardworking employees go because of their short comings from a operational standpoint. There is no appreciation for employees contributions, value for employee input or ideas , commitment to make changes to correct poor practices , Or willingness to take business aggressively. This place is a very unstable work place requiring you to constantly fear for your job which for the average person is their livelihood. Cons: Unstable work place job always at risk"

IT Director (Former Employee) says

"Great company but department be working in which was doing just okay a year ago with but it’s at worst level. Cons: Peanuts for non-SAP employees"

Sales Support (Former Employee) says

"Don't work there, I did for almost 15 years lost my position due to downsizing with no notice back in 2011. It was devastating. I was foolish enough to take another position there and they did the same thing no notice just invited to the office and boom you are out! Horrible devastating experience. There is NO job security there"

Senior Director Finance (Former Employee) says

"The company talks about values and ethics but does not follow those values. They do provide flexible schedules if you need them but it is based on who you know and not your requirement."

Former Employee - Senior SAP Basis Administrator says

"I worked at ACCO Brands full-time Cons: Micro Management, Stress full No support unless you are an ex-Tate & Lyle employee, CEO who has been sleeping as if nothing is wrong"

Former Employee - Distribution Lead says

"I worked at ACCO Brands full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Everything. no communication, very bigoted company"

Former Employee - Field Service Technician says

"I worked at ACCO Brands full-time for less than a year Cons: 1. Equipment poor design and hard to maintenance 2. Too many parts to keep track of and hard to get parts when needed 3. Management has sales but no field service experience and it shows. 4. A lot of people got let go that were needed for business so double work on employees 5. Two weeks of poor training you take very few machines apart so a big learning curve 6. Out of date service manuals and parts you have to cross-reference. 7. Poor dispatch program and clock in time. 8. Meetings about sales and not how to fix the problems we have in the field. 9. Acco will throw you under the bus and believe a vendor over what you find even if it's employee caused problem. 10. Work zones way to big sometimes over an hour drive time one way. 11. Have to pay for a company cell phone they give you only 40 for it. 12. Big lay off so lets support for Field Service"

Former Employee - Picker/Packer says

"I worked at ACCO Brands full-time for more than a year Cons: Work wasnt reliable. Never knew when layoffs were going to happen."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at ACCO Brands full-time Cons: ACCO survives through acquisitions with little organic growth and invention resulting in declining sales and shrinking margins. Market share is due to being a big fish in a very small pond not by increased output, customer base expansion, or new product development. Are notebooks, staplers, dry marker boards and printed wall calendars the wave of the future? Company is stable but change is lip service only. Supply Chain and Ops rely on outdated systems, stale ideas and are highly inefficient. Communication from leadership is lacking, borderline dysfunctional and perceived with suspicion and low trust by staff and other departments. Lack of vision and experience translates to minimal resources and support to realize improvements. Low strategic focus with mostly opportunistic results and those in key roles leverage relationships and quick wins to be relevant. Nothing dynamic or consistent and almost always without a formal plan. Very reserved and conservative culture. Many in management seem insecure with short term mindsets, everything is quarter to quarter. Unhealthy approach to vendor management and employees. Some management do not know what to do or how members of staff should be doing things and so they spend their time figuring out how to not get fired, shifting tasks and blame on others. Often a lack of experience and maturity is obvious."

Former Employee - Buyer/Planner says

"I worked at ACCO Brands full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Upper Managers don't treat their people with the respect that they deserve. They know this and will always get away with it because they can."

Former Employee - SAP Lead says

"I worked at ACCO Brands full-time for less than a year Cons: Things gets very personal and very political, people come to play politics not to work, Scary and nightmare especially working in I.T operations. shrinking business"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at ACCO Brands full-time Cons: VERY political. Can't really move around much in the company and bonus was less than 1%"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at ACCO Brands full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Everyone needs to top out is at least 6 years. I know one guy that worked 20 years and never toped out in pay scale."

Line Worker says

"I worked at ACCO Brands for more than a year Cons: Long hours. They tell you how much production you need to get out, once you get it out they work you harder"

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